The Bellavita Expo, the world’s largest trade show for Italian products and cuisine, holds annual events in London, Amsterdam and Chicago, showcasing hundreds of artisanal products and attracting thousands of chefs, sommeliers, and hoteliers. Looking to increase their online presence and cement their reputation as an industry leader, the expo launched Bellavita magazine, an online resource with guest contributors. Needing polished and witty content, Bellavita asked Wordsmith and Style to create an on-going series on the world of Italian wine.

Broken down by Italy’s twenty regions, these articles needed to be entertaining, shareable and appeal to both professionals and the public alike. Beginning with the lesser-known Abruzzo region, the weekly Drinking Italy series combined technical information with romantic descriptions of the countries food, landscape and culture, making the dense and often-confusing world of Italian wine clear and understandable, with some of the biggest names in the industry tuning in along the way.

We all love your articles and the work you have done for us.

Stefano Fumagalli, Head of Press Office, Bellavita Expo

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