Founded by a platinum-selling opera star, Incognito Artists is a leading bespoke entertainment and events company with clients that include A- list celebrities and the royal family.

Working alongside marketing agency Somebody Digital, Wordsmith & Style created a series of entertaining blogs and infographics that extended recognition of its brand and provided entertaining and humorous content for their website.

Who Makes the Cut?
Incognito - Awards
Incognito Awards
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #023 - 'The Five Types Of Wedding - Which O_' - www_incognitoartists_com_blog_the-five-types-of-wedding-which-one-is-yours
The Five Types of Wedding
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #022 - 'The Event Manager Translation Guide - Incogn_' - www_incognitoartists_com_blog_the-event-manager-translation-guide
The Event Manager Translation Guide
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #021 - 'I Was There - The Worst Corpora_' - www_incognitoartists_com_blog_i-was-there-the-worst-corporate-event-in-history
The Worst Corporate Event in History
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #020 - 'Tales from the Bar Mitzvah - Incognito Artists' - www_incognitoartists_com_blog_tales-bar-mitzvah
Tales from the Bar-Mitzvah