• New website content

• Press articles that appeared on three continents

• Award-winning results

As one of the world’s leading interior design companies, specialising in the ultra-competitive hospitality sector, Stickman has been responsible for a long list of high profile projects, including the ground-breaking Hotel Jen in Beijing, and Zaya Nurai Island, described by Newsweek as ‘the most luxurious resort in the world’.

Having moved from maverick outsider to industry leader, Stickman wanted to revamp their online presence in order to recognise this change, as well as express their full potential and cement their founder and chief designer, Marcos Cain, as a pioneer in his field.

After a visit to the team in Dubai to consult on what would become a successful content marketing strategy, I next helped Stickman transform their website and develop a new company slogan – ‘Under the Influence of Creativity’.

This was followed by social media posts, video scripts, new business approach packages, a monthly newsletter that became increasingly popular with clients, and a beautifully designed portfolio made to look like a glossy style magazine – all using a newly developed company tone of voice.

At the heart of this project, however, was a series of full-length articles developed alongside Marcos Cain to show his thoughts and feelings about the industry and express them in a fun, interesting and accessible way, These were printed on three continents in titles such as Commercial Interior Design, Hotelier and Design Magazine.


A new approach helped a successful company change perceptions of itself, land new business, gain renewed interest from existing clients, and contributed to Marcos Cain appearing in the Commercial Interior Design Top 50 List for 2016.

You are the lyrical master!

Marcos Cain, Founder, Stickman Design

Zaya Nurai Island Resort, Abu Dhabi –

Zaya Nurai Resort
Zaya Nurai Resort 2

Hotel Jen, Beijing –

Hotel Jen Beijing
FireShot Capture 99 - - https___gallery.mailchimp.com_a9a683ac4865c104848dc8023_files_Stickie_Co

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